When you look at the great musicians of the past several decades, what comes to mind? Great innovation, new sounds, touching songs, great technical facility…? How about fear, doubt, depression, uncertainty…? I have been expanding my music listening by checking out a handful of jazz records every couple weeks from the local library. I recently … Continue reading


God as Deliverer

Hadn’t really thought of God as Deliverer this way before.

Book Review::How Jazz Can Change Your Life

So often Jazz is misunderstood especially by non-jazz musicians as a random free for all with little discipline by the musician for playing “the lines.” While to the inexperienced listener jazz can seem random, if you listen loosely and to the whole band, you begin to discern a conversation. Wynton Marsalis breaks down the language … Continue reading

How Many 5/4 Measures are in Death Cab for Cutie’s The New Year?

Today I met with one of my drummers who has been working on the song “The New Year” from the Transatlanticism record. Our focus has been on counting in this song as there are innumerable time signature changes. It is imperative that a drummer be able to own his/her part and hold the band together through solid counting.